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Welcome to the webpage of the Hungarian Biogas Association

Long-term, sustainable development requires modern environmental protection and energy management. An important aspect of such programs is the use of renewable energy sources, especially the widespread use of bioenergy. For a country such as Hungary, that is poor in fossil fuel resources, yet agriculturally, highly productive, the development of modern biotechnological processes, as well as the necessary scientific, technical and economic background, is of particular importance.

The Hungarian Biogas Association was formed with the hopes that it would provide an informal forum of the exchange of scientifically based information about biogas. It aims to bring together research laboratories, planning and development institutes, agricultural and industrial organizations, developers, researchers, technical and financial experts, politicians and any other citizens interested in the future of our society. Our hopes are that the forum provided by the Association guarantees continuous and free exchange of opinions and provides a creative working environment.

With great pleasure, we invite you to view our webpages and participate in our programs. We sincerely hope that the Hungarian Biogas Association will provide adequate information for anyone interested in the field of biogas and will help to propagate interest in modern energy resources and, in particular, the use of biogas as a renewable bioenergy resource.

Prof. Dr. Kornél L. KOVÁCS
Hungarian Biogas Association